Suss Consulting's Department of Defense IT Practice

has been helping our clients identify and capture information technology opportunities at DISA, the Army, the Air Force, the Navy, DoD agencies, Departments and Commands, and the Intelligence Community (IC).


Our consultants have retired from senior DoD and industry IT executive roles:

  • Led establishment of the DISA Development and Business Center, ensuring a smooth transition that included reassignment of over 1200 personnel and assumption of responsibility for over 500 contracts and $1B in funding to acquire, develop and deliver virtually all DISA Programs and Services.

  • As the PEO for Enterprise Services he led acquisition, delivery and sustainment of all DISA provided Enterprise Services that included DoD Enterprise Email (DEE), Defense Connect Online (DCO), Defense Enterprise Portal Service (DEPS), Global Content Delivery Services (GCDS), and milCloud.

  • Provided hosting for over 2,800 applications supporting more than three million users and managed thirteen Defense Enterprise Computing Centers (DECCs) with over 3,000 Government employees and contractors. Planned and executed an annual Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF) budget in excess of $1B.

  • As the Director of Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO) and Program Executive Officer, Spectrum, he developed comprehensive and integrated spectrum plans, long-term strategies, and capabilities to address current and future needs for DoD spectrum access and operations.

  • Served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years in a variety of operational, technical and acquisition roles and in industry for 5 years delivering Data Center solutions to commercial clients and wireless and satellite communications solutions to DoD clients.

  • Served as DISA’s Mission Assurance Executive who led Department of Defense cyber security efforts including the acquisition, implementation and sustainment of enterprise capabilities

  • Designed and implemented a mobility security architecture supporting both classified and unclassified mobile devices

  • Developed the DoD guidance for use of commercial cloud and the provisional authorization of commercial cloud providers

  • Initiated the DoD strategy to address gaps in DoD cyber security including protections against “zeroday” attacks and measures to analyze and protect encrypted traffic

  • Led the planning for the Joint Regional Security System (JRSS) as the first major component of the Joint Regional Security System (JRSS) as the first major component of the Joint Information Environment (JIE)

  • 29 years’ experience with strategic planning, portfolio management, operations management, program development and execution, and the management of telecommunications systems, teams, programs, and projects.  He has held senior GS-15 positions with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer (DOD CIO).

  • Senior SATCOM Policy Analyst for the DoD CIO, C4II providing professional staff assistant oversight to Department of Defense Wideband, Commercial, and Gateway SATCOM programs.

  • Seven years as the Chief of the DISA SATCOM Division and Chief, of the Services Division, COMSATCOM Center, DISA. His responsibilities included overseeing the development, evolution, and execution of the COMSATCOM Program Management Office, MILSATCOM Gateway Program Management Office, Enhanced Mobile Satellite System (EMSS) Program and overseeing SATCOM Operations.

  • Level III Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Certified Program Manager with extensive knowledge in the acquisition of services to meet governmental requirements.

  • Senior Business and Operations executive at SAIC, Camber and Computer World Services (CWS),

  • Led Strategic Programs for Camber Corporation, leading Pipeline Management for 6 Divisions

  • Ran successful capture and proposals for major opportunities at NASA, US Army National Guard, the State Department and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), NATO, and

  • the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)

  • Distinguished career as a commissioned Naval Officer with experience and relationships across DoD, including the Navy, DISA/OSD, Military Sealift Command (MSC), TRANSCOM, Marine Corps and the Coast Guard

  • Has held leadership roles supporting opportunity identification and capture on network, cyber, cloud, and HR system opportunities at:

  • Oracle, Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH), Blue Collar Objects, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), and Lockheed Martin (LM)

  • Expert in structuring multi-year financing for federal user based technology projects.  Most recently led the federal business for Key Government Finance (KGF), part of KeyCorp., a Cleveland headquartered regional bank.

  • Responsible for growing the federal finance discipline for KGF, the largest bank owned federal business in this niche industry.  In this role, was responsible for re-imagining a business strategy of working with technology OEMs, prime contractors and federal end user agencies in developing appropriate capital products within the scope of the FAR and the government’s contract vehicles to allow agencies to stretch restricted budget dollars and complete broad technology missions. 

  • During his tenure with KGF, his team of sales professionals structured and implemented over one thousand financings involving over two billion dollars in technology asset cost, and further involved over eighty federal prime contractors and over twenty-five technology equipment and software providers selling across the federal defense, civilian and healthcare spectrum.

  • Served as Senior VP and Operations Manager for the Enterprise and Mission Solutions (E&MS) Business Unit, under the Defense Solutions Group (DSG) within SAIC

  • Responsible for worldwide operations of business development, proposal development, and day-today management of multi-million dollar major task orders involving life cycle support of a multi-billion dollar DISA operations support contract

  • Served various executive level positions within the U.S. Army; managed the development, implementation and administration of DOD’s premier Senior Acquisition Program

  • Led the joint task force that developed the strategy and transition plan to evolve the many independent DOD telecommunications networks into one totally integrated Defense Information Systems Network (DISN)

  • General Manager of SAIC’s $1.2B Enterprise & Mission Solutions Business Unit

  • Successful as a general manager, program manager and proposal manager for many multi-million dollar programs and new business opportunities in both the DoD and civilian market

  • An internationally recognized computer science authority

  • Technical Director for the Defense Information Systems Network

  • Principal member and coauthor of the DISA GIG Convergence Master Plan and the DISN Transformational Strategy efforts

  • Strengths in telecommunications, network design, and telecommunications and information system strategic planning

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  • Served as the Department of Defense Deputy Chief Information Officer for Information Enterprise (DCIO-IE)

  • Led the implementation of the Joint Information Environment (JIE) and its two primary sub-components: the Joint Regional Security Stack (JRSS) and the Mission Partner Environment Information System (MPE-IS)

  • Served as Director for Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4) and Information Infrastructure (C4III) covering DoD aerial, space and terrestrial communications, capabilities; command and control systems and mission applications; Defense Information Systems Networks (DISN) services and gateways; and network management and operations

  • As the Army business development leader at LGS and SAIC, bid and won over $2B in government contracts

  • In addition to extensive experience as a business development leader, also served as program manager and systems engineer
    on major Army programs

  • As a Board Selected Program and Product Manager in the Army, led large organizations in managing worldwide information system development, acquisition and installation

Vladimir Kowaliwskyj

  • Capture over $5 Billion in Army C4ISR hardware systems and R&D programs in senior business development positions with Harris Corporation and Northrop Grumman

  • In-depth experience in BD, marketing and proposal preparation in the Army C4ISR market

Nick Martino

  • 23 years of experience as government procurement official at the United States Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM)

  • Successful track record winning R2 opportunities while at Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and TAMSCO

  • Led the planning for the Joint Regional Security System (JRSS) as the first major component of the Joint Regional Security System (JRSS) as the first major component of the Joint Information Environment (JIE)

  • The Army’s board selected PM for NIPRNET, SIPRNET and the Defense Data Network (DDN)

  • Recognized subject matter expert in the transition, integration and implementation of critical information systems with organizational transformation, relocation and deployment

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  • Director of Air Force Field Marketing for Harris Corporation

  • Air Force Communications and Information Hall of Fame inductee

  • Managed a major network management contract at DISA for I-Net

  • Managed critical command and control systems for Strategic Air Command in a 24-year Air Force Career

  • Served as Associate Director of the U.S. Air Force Office of the Chief Information Officer

  • Established and directed the Information Technology Commodity Council organization that integrated enterprise level purchasing, information technology management, and program management functions under a single leadership structure

  • Served as Technical Director, Chief Engineer and Program Acquisition Executive for the Air Force Standard Systems Group, with an annual budget over $200M and more than 2,000 IT and acquisition professionals

  • Served as Director of the Air Force Software Factory, a 1,000 person CMM Level III software development organization

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  • Former Chief Engineer, Acting Commander, and PEO-EIS at SPAWAR

  • Directed end-to-end systems engineering, integration, and interoperability of the Navy’s C4ISR systems and oversaw the development and procurement of all non-tactical information systems for the Navy

  • Responsible for the development and integration of all information systems and internal communication systems, including all “Smart Ship” technologies (Machinery Control Systems, Damage Control Systems & Submersible SEAL Delivery System control systems) for the Naval Sea Systems Command’s & all Naval Shipbuilding Programs

  • Served as Commander Navy Cyber Forces Command; Assistant Chief of Naval Operations for the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN); and Director of the Communications, Networks and Chief Information Officer (CIO) Division

  • Skilled leader in Navy information technology, cyber security, afloat, terrestrial and satellite communications and C5I operational readiness

  • Responsibilities included Navy communications, networks, combat systems, space and electronic warfare forces afloat and ashore

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