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Market Analysis


Sound data analysis provides the foundation for effective marketing
and sales. The federal opportunity space for information technology
contracts is enormous but often complex and confusing.
However, unlike in the commercial markets, there is a wealth
of budget, procurement, and contract data available to help guide
strategic decision making.


Suss Consulting helps our clients assess alignment of products

and services with market trends; segment and size market sectors;

identify and track market opportunities;
and measure the strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities
of market competitors. We work with clients on:

  • Market Segmentation and Sizing. The world of federal
    contracting is complicated, and a clear understanding of budgets
    and spending is critical for success. We help clients break down
    the marketplace; understand data sources with their benefits and
    limitations; estimate available and addressable market segments
    and sizes; and identify important growth opportunities across
    product, service, and buyer sectors.

  • Pipelines and Growth Forecasting. The life cycles for most federal
    contract opportunities are long and resource-intensive, so a
    comprehensive view of procurement timelines is critical for
    effective capture management. We help clients prioritize target
    accounts; identify contract vehicle and task order prospects;
    prepare opportunity pipelines with key milestones; and aggregate
    estimated contract values and expected business growth over

  • Competitor Analysis and Partnering. The competitive
    environment in federal contracting is as fierce as any you see
    in commercial segments, and knowing the landscape is critical to
    winning contracts. We help clients identify primary and secondary
    competitors; assess competitor strengths, weaknesses, and
    contract portfolios; prepare attack and defend strategies; and
    identify opportunities for effective partnering arrangements.

  • Strategic Evaluation and Planning. Collecting, compiling, and
    analyzing market data are prerequisites to market entry—
    effective application of the data into actionable strategies paves
    the way for strong business development. We help clients
    prioritize sales targets; assess organizational structures and
    staffing; define marketing initiatives; engage potential partners;
    and develop and refine go-to-market plans.

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