Services For Government


Suss Consulting serves as a trusted advisor to government agencies. We help government executives develop and implement better strategies for leveraging information to improve agency performance. The company has completed assignments for the government in areas including technology strategy, information management, local service strategy, CIO organization design, video teleconferencing, IT investment review, ERP services and systems, and call centers. Suss Consulting also supports agency performance, accountability and workforce planning and reporting, strategic management of human capital, and financial systems analysis, review and assessment.

Suss Consulting provides three major services to our government clients:




Strategic Planning: These projects help government clients deliver on their potential through improved linkages between core agency objectives and their financial, administrative, and operational policies, procedures, practices, and systems.

Research: These projects provide unbiased assessments of how agencies can benefit from commercial and government best practices in information management, information technology, financial planning, budgeting, and accounting.

Tactical Support: These projects help clients bring in the results. They include requirements analysis, project management, and implementation support.