Services for Corporate Clients

Suss Consulting provides five major services to corporate clients:

Strategic Planning


These Projects help clients deliver on their potential through improved federal positioning, opportunity targeting, resource allocation, and sales/marketing management...

Sales and Marketing

Your federal sales and marketing organization is your company's engine for growth. Our professionals can help your sales and marketing organization to...

Proposal Support


The Suss team has a winning track record on federal proposals, and provides a full range of support including training seminars, proposal strategy planning, managmenet, editing, writing, and production...

Opportunity Capture


These projects include strategic and tactical capture management and sales assigments, as well as help in the design and implementation of business development capture processes and federal marketing programs...

Federal Healthcare IT


Suss Consulting Offers in-depth support for companies seeking to position themselves for opportunities in the growing Federal Healthcare IT market segment...

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a bridge to shaping tactical performance.


Effective strategic planning:

  • Permits top management to set corporate strategic direction, yet allows line management to implement actions at the operational level

  • Defines the parameters through which to make sound tactical decisions

  • Is responsive to intense competition and dynamic changes inherent to the federal market


Suss Consulting assists clients in developing strategic planning that can be quickly and efficiently translated into operational; tactical decision tools. We help clients determine if markets or specific opportunities are a good match for their business objectives and capabilities. Since the results of strategic planning are usually well downstream, we assist clients in developing methods to monitor, measure and analyze interim progress.


We work with clients to determine:

  • What products or services should be sold to the federal government

  • The agencies to which they should be selling

  • Major programs or types of contracts that meet their business objectives and capabilities

  • How they should get their products or services to the federal market (e.g., prime, subcontract, GSA schedule, etc.)

  • Positioning strategies to address competitive opportunities and threats in the market

Market research is the information bridge from strategic planning to tactical performance. It is central to moving strategic planning through opportunity identification and shaping to proposal development and program performance.

The scope, detail, and quality of federal market data has increased dramatically since the competition in contracting initiative. Much information is good, some not so good, and much is contradictory. Effectively researching and analyzing federal information is challenging, yet imperative, for market success.

Suss Consulting collects, analyzes, and qualifies wide and often uneven federal information, as well as competitive data, to help clients in making good decisions across the complete opportunity life cycle.


We work with clients to:

  • Size and forecast federal markets, opportunities, and budgets

  • Assess federal needs by tracking and profiling markets and opportunities

  • Develop strategies and action plans to get client products and services into federal markets

  • Track and analyze competition to leverage clients' strategic and opportunity positioning

  • Analyze and shape risks at the strategic and opportunity levels

Proposal Support

Winning proposals are the successful bridges from strategic planning and market research to program performance. With demanding technical, cost, and management requirements, proposals are also the scourge of most corporations. They are expensive to develop, drain precious corporate resources, and are not rewarded for a close second. They are the "evil necessities" required to capture federal business.

Suss Consulting helps clients in building proposals to successfully challenge increased competition in a tight market with fewer federal funds, while satisfying a demanding federal buyer.

Our proposal specialists have played key roles in planning, developing, and winning some of the federal government's largest procurements. They are experienced in all phases of the proposal process…from pre-proposal planning through proposal management and writing, and post-proposal activities.

We work with clients to:

  • Analyze RFPs and their drivers, as well as customers' hidden agendas

  • Develop detailed proposal development plans, preliminary top-level costs, work breakdown structures, and program management plans

  • Develop and implement tactical opportunity capture plans, integrating marketing, cost, technical, competitive, and customer data

  • Develop technical, management, and cost win strategies for proposal performance

  • Develop and control proposal configurations

  • Manage technical and management volumes and provide cost, editing, and writing support

Opportunity Capture

Suss Consulting's Civil Agency IT Practice Team helps our clients identify and capture opportunities in civil agencies throghout the federal government, including the General Services Administration (GSA), Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of the Interior, Social Security Administration (SSA), Department of Agriculture (USDA), US Posstal Service (USPS), and other major federal agencies. (The Suss Consulting Federal Health IT Consulting Practice is covered here.)

Suss Consulting's Department of Defense (DoD) IT Practice helps our clients identify and capture information technology opportunities at DISA, the Army, the Air Force, the Navy, DoD agencies, Departments, and Commends, and the Intelligence Community (IC).

Capture Management Support


Suss Consulting helps clients with all five phases of the capture process from Phase 1: Future New Business Preparation down through Phase 5: Post-Proposal Activity. By assisting clients with the capture process, Suss Consulting ties together our other consulting support services, from Strategic Planning, Marketing, Proposal Development and Program Management Support, to significantly increase the business success of companies using these services.


Our Capture Managers and supporting specialists have played key roles in helping companies achieve their strategic goals by helping them win some of the federal government's largest procurements. They are experienced in all phases of the Capture Management process and can support you with the successful realization of your business goals as well.


We work with clients to:

  • Provide seasoned, successful capture managers to lead your team throughout the capture process

  • Prepare and execute effective capture and win plans

  • Supplement your company’s other capture management staff as needed with highly trained specialists

  • Gather primary and secondary source data to better qualify the opportunity as it progresses through the capture process

  • Train the capture team on established CMMI level 5 capture processes

  • Set-up, lead and/or participate in Gold, Blue, Black Hat, Non-Advocate, Independent Cost Estimate (ICE), Pink, Red, and Executive Planning Panel (EPP) Reviews and decision gates

  • Work with your BD team to prepare, review and execute effective customer call plans

  • Analyze client budgets, evaluate existing and similar types of contracts to determine competitive pricing strategies and create an overall Price to Win Strategy

  • Conduct competitive data gathering, evaluate the data, and provide detailed competitive analyses and related updates to the win strategy

  • Develop effective teaming strategies and then support getting the “right” teammates enlisted onto your team

  • Effectively and smoothly transition the capture team into the proposal team

Sales and Marketing

Your federal sales and marketing organization is your company’s engine for growth.


Suss Consulting helps deliver sales and marketing results for its clients with support at every stage of the opportunity life-cycle.Our professionals can help your sales and marketing organization to:


  • Supplement your company’s business development, sales, and marketing staff.

  • Build, prioritize, update, and fine-tune your federal opportunity pipeline.

  • Analyze client budgets, prepare revenue projections, and develop “price-to-win” estimates.

  • Design effective teaming strategies and help line up teaming partners.

  • Prepare, review, and execute customer call plans.

  • Tailor PowerPoint presentations and sales collateral material to address customer “hot button” issues.

  • Set up, prep for, and attend key customer meetings.

  • Prepare follow-up presentations, white papers, and memos.

  • Provide agency and technical subject matter experts.

  • Capture new contract vehicles, including GSA Supply Schedules.

  • Analyze your business development, sales and marketing organization and recommend improvements.

  • Create and execute tactical and strategic business strategy plans

  • Analyze new markets, and then develop marketing and business plans to exploit them.

Federal Healthcare IT

The Federal Health IT (HIT) Market totals over $11 billion in FY14 and should grow substantially as health care moves up on the national political agenda. Suss Consulting’s Federal Health IT Practice helps our clients capture opportunities in key HIT market segments, including the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), DoD Health Affairs, and HHS healthcare components - CDC, NIH, FDA, and CMS.

Our Health IT consultants have extensive experience in most major federal health IT agencies, programs and initiatives. Their insights and knowledge will help you develop winning strategies for entering or expanding in this critical IT growth area.

The Suss Consulting Health IT practice focuses on the following four primary consulting services:

Federal Health IT Strategic and Tactical Planning:

  • Long-Range HIT Strategic Planning

  • Supporting the Creation of a New Company HIT Strategic Vision

  • Develop Business Cases to Support HIT Investment

  • Market Requirements and Opportunity Assessment

  • Optimizing HIT Reporting Structures and Staffing

  • HIT Service/Product Development/Positioning

  • HIT Channel Strategy

  • HIT Competitive Assessment

  • Sales/Marketing Strategies and Tactics in HIT

  • HIT Pricing Analysis


Federal Health IT Market Research:

  • HIT Market Sizing and Segmentation

  • Opportunity Identification, Profiles and strategies in HIT

  • HIT Competitive Analysis

  • Identification and Validation of Potential HIT Partners and Teammates

  • M&A Support Relative to Potential HIT Targets


Federal Health IT Capture Management:

  • Strategic and Tactical HIT Opportunity Analysis

  • HIT Capture Support and Opportunity Shaping

  • Sales/Marketing Support in HIT

  • HIT Teaming Strategies and Tactics

  • HIT Capture and Sales Process Support

  • Win Strategy/Win Theme Development for HIT

  • Competitive HIT Attack and Defend Strategies

  • HIT Bid/No Bid Decisions


Federal Health IT Proposal Support

  • HIT Proposal Readiness Reviews

  • HIT DRFP and RFP Analysis and Proposal Plan/Outline Development

  • HIT Proposal Management, Writing, Editing and Pricing

  • HIT Color Team Reviews

  • HIT Oral Presentation Coaching