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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a bridge to shaping tactical performance.


Effective strategic planning:

  • Permits top management to set corporate strategic direction, yet allows line management to implement actions at the operational level

  • Defines the parameters through which to make sound tactical decisions

  • Is responsive to intense competition and dynamic changes inherent to the federal market


Suss Consulting assists clients in developing strategic planning that can be quickly and efficiently translated into operational, tactical decision tools. We help clients determine if markets or specific opportunities are a good match for their business objectives and capabilities. Since the results of strategic planning are usually well downstream, we assist clients in developing methods to monitor, measure and analyze interim progress.


We work with clients to determine:

  • What products or services should be sold to the federal government

  • Agencies to which they should be selling

  • Major programs or types of contracts that meet their business objectives and capabilities

  • How they should get their products or services to the federal market (e.g., prime, subcontract, GSA schedule, etc.)

  • Positioning strategies to address competitive opportunities and threats in the market

Market research is the information bridge from strategic planning to tactical performance. The scope, detail, and quality of federal market data varies from agency to agency and opportunity to opportunity.  Effectively researching and analyzing federal information is challenging, but can support every phase of the opportunity life cycle, including call planning, customer positioning, competitive analysis, and solution development.

Suss Consulting collects, analyzes, and qualifies wide and often uneven federal information, as well as competitive data, to help clients make good decisions across the complete opportunity life cycle.


We work with clients to:

  • Size and forecast federal markets, opportunities, and budgets

  • Assess federal needs by tracking and profiling markets and opportunities

  • Develop strategies and action plans to get client products and services into federal markets

  • Track and analyze competition to leverage clients' strategic and opportunity positioning

  • Analyze and shape risks at the strategic and opportunity levels

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