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Opportunity Capture


Disciplined opportunity capture for long-term, high-value
contracts and task orders increases win probabilities and
lowers the risk profile for post-award project execution.
For these opportunities, if you haven’t engaged the customer
and measured the playing field before solicitation release,
you’re probably too late.


Suss Consulting experts have decades of program and technical

experience from the upper echelons of federal defense and

civilian agencies. We help our clients understand and capitalize

on customer operational environments, technical baselines, program
objectives, and acquisition strategies. We work with clients on:

  • Opportunity Assessment and Planning. Every contract
    opportunity comes with a unique set of organizational
    and technical challenges, and a thorough understanding
    of the customer and the requirement are critical to
    executive engagement and solution planning. We help
    clients map the organization; understand program
    challenges; define technical specifications; and prepare
    and staff capture plans.

  • Call Planning and Execution. While never an explicit
    entry criteria or proposal evaluation criteria, building
    prospect relationships and mindshare are critical to
    successful competitive positioning. We help clients
    identify decision makers and influencers; document hot
    buttons and pain points; prepare customer briefings; and
    develop, execute, and follow up on organizational
    call plans.

  • Solution Development and Review. Most large
    procurements are highly technical and highly complex,
    so detailed, but easy to understand, technical and
    management solutions are critical to customer education
    and proposal evaluation. We help clients analyze technical
    requirements; prepare alternate solutions; identify
    teaming partners; examine pros, cons, and risks; and lead
    color team reviews.

  • Cost Analysis and Price-to-Win. Although early-phase
    capture activities often produce unclear technical specs
    on which to build price models, a clear understanding
    of price scope and complexity drives winning solutions.
    We help clients identify historic program spend data;
    analyze prices on similar deals; delineate demand and
    cost drivers; compile available price points; develop
    working cost/price models; and prepare price-to-win

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