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Proposal Support 

Winning proposals are the successful bridges from strategic planning and market research to program performance. With demanding technical, cost, and management requirements, proposals are also the scourge of most corporations. They are expensive to develop, drain precious corporate resources, and are not rewarded for a close second. They are the "evil necessities" required to capture federal business.

Suss Consulting helps clients in building proposals to successfully challenge increased competition in a tight market with fewer federal funds, while satisfying a demanding federal buyer.

Our proposal specialists have played key roles in planning, developing and winning some of the federal government's largest procurements. They are experienced in all phases of the proposal process…from pre-proposal planning through proposal management and writing to post-proposal activities.

We work with clients to:

  • Analyze RFPs and their drivers, as well as customers' hidden agendas

  • Develop detailed proposal development plans, preliminary top-level costs, work breakdown structures, and program management plans

  • Develop and implement tactical opportunity capture plans, which integrate marketing, cost, technical, competitive, and customer data

  • Develop technical, management, and cost win strategies for proposal performance

  • Develop and control proposal configurations

  • Manage technical and management volumes and provide cost, editing, and writing support

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