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Proposal Support 


Winning proposals form the bridges between market analysis

and opportunity capture to program execution and performance.
With demanding technical, management, and price requirements,
proposals are also the scourge of most corporations. They are expensive

to develop, drain precious corporate resources, and are never rewarded

for a second-place finish.


Suss Consulting helps our clients build proposals to successfully

challenge  increased competition in an ever-tightening market

with conflicting demands for federal program dollars.

We work with clients on:

  • Requirements Analysis and Proposal Planning. Every solicitation
    carries a unique set of objectives, requirements, instructions, and
    evaluation criteria, and effective analysis is critical to improved
    win probability. We help clients examine documentation and
    organize technical requirements; develop proposal structure and
    templates; organize requirements tracking matrices; and prepare
    instructions to volume leads and authors.

  • Proposal and Volume Management. Proposal development
    teams draw from a range of prime, sub, and consulting resources
    with other commitments, so effective leadership is critical to
    sound management. We help clients prepare and amend
    milestone schedules; identify and engage primary and support
    resources; define content objectives; manage color team reviews;
    and prepare proposal submissions.

  • Solution and Content Development. While effective proposal
    management is necessary, a strong solution and effective story
    telling are critical to high evaluations. We help clients outline
    solution points; prepare detailed outlines and figure summaries;
    interview managers, engineers, and operators; draft narrative
    response, table, and graphic content; and improve response
    following color team reviews.

  • Solution Costing and Pricing. Proposal pricing is, in many cases,
    the most important evaluation criteria, and a competitive price
    is critical to a contract award. We help clients analyze
    requirements, assumptions, and constraints; conduct price-to-win
    analyses; prepare price models and basis of estimate; collect and
    analyze cost/price data; develop business cases; perform
    sensitivity analysis; and prepare proposal workbooks and price

  • Competitive Analysis and Positioning. Knowing who your
    competitors are helps assess overall positioning on any given bid;
    understanding their likely bid strategies could mean the difference
    between a win and a loss. We help our clients identify prime
    competitors and significant teammates; assess relative strengths
    and weaknesses; analyze potential technical and price strategies;
    and prepare effective counterstrategies.

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