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Meet our DISA Subject Matter Experts

The Defense Information Systems Agency, DISA, is the Nation’s premiere IT combat support agency and the trusted provider to connect and protect the warfighter in cyberspace.


Suss Consulting is in a unique position to help our clients develop winning solutions to DISA’s most important upcoming requirements. 


Here’s a quick look at our team of DISA Subject Matter Experts (SMEs):

Led the Joint Service Provider (JSP), was Vice Director for Operations, ran IT Support for Special Access Programs (SAP), and implemented IT consolidation of the 4th estate as the Director for Endpoint and Customer Services

Served as CTO at TRANSCOM, lead system engineer for DoD-CIO Chief Architect, and was Commander at the Center for Horizontal Integration, DISA

Built and ran $1.5 billion SAIC division that led the industry in DISA contracts, and is an industry-leading expert on proposal strategy, pricing, and Basis-of-Estimate.

Served as DISA’s SES executive leading their data center, cloud, enterprise-wide infrastructure, voice, software and mobility services.  Previously was DoD CIO lead for enterprise computing, DISN transport, portfolio management, Command and Control systems, and Fourth Estate consolidation

Former senior DISA and DoD-CIO COMSATCOM SME

As the lead Suss Consulting proposal manager, writer, editor, Bill has prepared over 150 proposals, primarily on DISA opportunities, with a success rate of over 90% resulting in billions of dollars of contract wins for Suss clients.

Served as DISA’s top cyber executive/authorizing official, mentored most of DISA’s current cyber leadership and worked closely with the DODCIO to shape DoD cyber policies and programs

Served as the SES Chair of DISA Chief Engineers, Vice Director of the Development and Business Center, PEO for Enterprise Services, Vice Director of the DISA Computing Services Directorate, Principal Director of the GIG Enterprise Services Engineering Directorate, and the Director of the Defense Spectrum Organization and PEO Spectrum.



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