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Suss Consulting Value Add
for a Sample of Major Upcoming



Mission Partner Environment (MPE)

  • Opportunity:  Mission Partner Environment (MPE)

  • GovWin Opportunity ID:  188804 and 3298230 (GovWin)

  • Agency:  Air Force

  • Value:  $5,570,000,000 (Deltek estimate)

  • Solicitation Date:  11/08/2023 (Deltek estimate)

  • Opportunity Profile:  MPE is a capability frame work enabling commanders to plan and execute Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) within appropriate security domains spanning United States (U.S.) and Mission Partner (MP) infrastructures with integrated capabilities, processes, and governance. The MPE capability framework improves MP information
    sharing, data exchange, and integrated execution through common standards, governance, and agreed-to procedures. The MPE also fosters coalition interoperability to increase the response across the
    full range of military and humanitarian operations. The government requires support in operating maintaining, and sustaining the current version of MPE as well as in developing and implementing a next generation MPE solution.

  • Suss Consulting Value-Add Overview:  The Suss Consulting MPE Subject Matter Experts led the DoD MPE modernization efforts for five years and have remained active on both technical and operational program developments.

  • Suss Consulting MPE SMEs

  • RORY KINNEY led the DoD-CIO MPE efforts for five years, first as the Director of Architecture and Engineering, followed by Acting Deputy CIO for Information Enterprise. He had oversight responsibility for all of the MPE C2 and IC systems, and developed detailed architectures and plans for MPE modernization.

  • DENNIS NADLER supported Rory as the lead contractor in the DoD CIO where he developed strategies, engineering designs and artifacts,funding profiles, and transition plans for the development of a modernized MPE.


eMASS Commercial Tool Alternative

  • Opportunity:  Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service
    (eMASS) Commercial Tool Alternative

  • Opportunity ID:  233192 (GovWin)

  • Agency:  DISA

  • Value:  TBD

  • Solicitation Date: 11/2023 (Deltek estimate)

  • Opportunity Profile:  eMASS is a government owned web
    based GOTS application with a broad range of services for
    integrated cybersecurity management. Features include dashboard reporting, controls scorecard measurement, and the generation of a system security authorization package. eMASS provides an integrated suite of authorization capabilities and prevents cyberattacks by establishing strict process control mechanisms for obtaining authorization decisions. The eMASS Commercial Tool Alternative initiative focuses on selecting and integrating COTS tools to achieve technical and operational improvements in effectiveness
    and efficiency over the current GOTS eMASS tools.

  • Suss Consulting Value-Add Overview:  Suss consultants led
    DISA’s implementation, operation, and modification of eMASS and understand the requirements that are driving the move to the Commercial Tool Alternative. Their experience as the primary enterprise-level users of eMASS and as the executives responsible for DoD-wide deployment of eMASS will be invaluable in supporting client win strategy, solutioning, and proposal development.

  • Suss Consulting eMASS SME:

  • MARK ORNDORFF was the top executive responsible for eMASS when it first transitioned to DISA. Mark ran the development of the GOTS version of eMASS. As the DISA Risk Management executive, Mark was the primary user of eMASS at the enterprise level as well as the eMASS Program Manager. As eMASS moves from GOTS to COTS, Mark has unique insight into the problems that the eMASS Commercial Tool Alternative is addressing and the capabilities that need to be transitioned from GOTS eMASS to ensure the success of the Commercial Tool Alternative. He also understands the architectural, technical, integration, transition and implementation challenges in introducing the new COTS tool(s) across the entire
    DoD community.



  • Opportunity:  SharkSeer 2.0 Cybersecurity, Engineering, and Sustainment Program support.

  • Opportunity ID:  230440 (GovWin)

  • Agency:  DISA

  • Value:  $50,000,000

  • Solicitation Date: 9/2023 (Deltek estimate)

  • Opportunity Profile:  Cybersecurity, engineering and
    sustainment support for the SharkSeer system, which detects and mitigates web-based malware, Zero-Day, and Advanced Persistent Threats using COTS technology by leveraging, dynamically producing and enhancing global threat knowledge to rapidly protect the networks.

  • Suss Consulting Value-Add Overview:  Suss Consulting’s DISA team has in-depth, hands-on experience with the SharkSeer technical, operational, and decision-making
    environments. We offer an understanding of the history, current requirements and challenges of SharkSeer and of the threat environment that SharkSeer is designed to address. The Suss team knows the capabilities that a client needs to win the upcoming SharkSeer opportunity.

  • Suss Consulting SharkSeer SMEs:

  • MARK ORNDORFF ran the program side of SharkSeer.
    He led the team that built and controlled the Internet Access Point (IAP) architecture. He led the integration of SharkSeer into this environment. He then ran the programmatics when SharkSeer moved to DISA. Mark served as DISA’s top cyber executive/ authorizing official, mentored most of DISA’s current cyber
    leadership and worked closely with the DOD-CIO to shape DoD cyber policies and programs.

  • LARRY KLOOSTER led the integration of SharkSeer into DISA’s day-to-day network operations. He worked with Mark to train DISA operators on SharkSeer and to integrate it into DISA’s defensive cyber operational environment. As SharkSeer identified threats, Larry and Mark worked together to configure other tools,
    such as HBSS, to work with SharkSeer alerts. Larry served as the DISA Acting Director and Vice Director of Operations. He also led the Joint Service Provider (JSP), ran IT Support for Special Access Programs (SAPs), and implemented IT consolidation of the 4th estate as DISA’s Director for Endpoint and Customer


Joint Transportation Management System (JTMS)

  • Opportunity:  Joint Transportation Management System (JTMS)

  • Opportunity ID:  193826 (GovWin)

  • Agency:  USTRANSCOM

  • Value:  TBD

  • Solicitation Date: 11/2023 (Deltek estimate)

  • Opportunity Profile:  JTMS will be a Joint Deployment and
    Distribution Enterprise (JDDE) solution, which integrates end-to-end transportation and financial processes to achieve auditability, transparency, and optimized resource allocation providing warfighter competitive advantage.

  • Suss Consulting Value-Add Overview:  For more than
    seven years, the Suss Consulting JTMS Subject Matter Experts held IT leadership positions at USTRANSCOM. They led the Business Process Re-engineering analysis of how to modernize the USTRANSCOM processes and systems to achieve the core objectives of JTMS.

  • Suss Consulting JTMS SMEs:

  • RORY KINNEY served as the Chief Architect for USTRANSCOM for 5 years and became the portfolio manager for three years. He led the effort to standardize their business processes and standardize their infrastructure and applications. His responsibilities included the organization’s business suite as well as their Joint Deployment Distribution Environment.

  • DENNIS NADLER supported Rory as the USTRANSCOM Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and conducted the assessment of the best solutions to define the next generation of USTRANSCOM operational and financial systems.


DoD CIO Mission Support Services II

  • Opportunity:  DoD CIO Mission Support Services II

  • Opportunity ID:  221795 (GovWin)

  • Agency:  DoD CIO

  • Value:  $850,000,000

  • Solicitation Date: 9/2023 (Deltek estimate)

  • Opportunity Profile:  This opportunity involves providing
    a broad range of technical and engineering support for the DoD CIO in the following areas:
    • Cybersecurity (CS)
    • IT Information Enterprise (IE)
    • Enterprise cloud environments
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Data management
    • Command, Control, and Communications (C3);
    • IT Management
    • and Data Analytics

  • Suss Consulting Value-Add Overview:  The Suss Consulting Subject Matter Experts held top positions at DoD CIO, where they had hands-on experience with support from the Mission Support Services contractors. They had visibility
    into all aspects of contract and task order life cycle, including the determination of Task Order requirements, task order technical and management oversight, and contract financial management.


  • RORY KINNEY served as the DoD CIO’s Acting Deputy CIO for Information Enterprise (IE) and the Principal Deputy CIO for IE. He was both a key customer for the Mission Support Services contract and was also responsible for managing the financials for the 30 separate contracts that made up the Mission Support
    Services program.

  • DENNIS NADLER supported Rory at DoD CIO as the lead contractor performing a wide range of engineering, analysis, and planning activities.


Distributed Hybrid Multi-Cloud (DHMC)

  • Opportunity:  Distributed Hybrid Multi-Cloud

  • Opportunity ID:  229882 (GovWin)

  • Agency:  DISA

  • Value:  $50,000,000

  • Solicitation Date: 9/2023 (Deltek estimate)

  • Opportunity Profile:  This effort will develop a single
    environment that rationalizes and encompasses all x86 commodity within the DISA Hosting and Computing Center (HaCC), merging disparate components into a modernized distributed, hybrid, and multi cloud (DHMC) infrastructure and services offering. This environment will be managed through a single centralized control plane. Commercial cloud assets, on-premises cloud assets, traditional virtualized assets, and dedicated host connected assets
    will all be managed through a single customizable control plane. The DHMC solution will be housed in a consolidated stack located within multiple DISA datacenters. This stack should be standardized for eventual, uniform deployment to multiple sites, including OCONUS. This will result in a distributed, hybrid, and multi-cloud environment that is hosted on premises.

  • Suss Consulting Value-Add Overview:  The Suss Consulting DHMC Subject Matter Expert had responsibility and hands-on knowledge of the systems and processes associated with the DHMC opportunity. He also worked closely with key DHMC decision-makers and decision-influencers.

  • Suss Consulting DHMC SME:

  • RORY KINNEY led DISA’s enterprise computing environment including data center, cloud, enterprise-wide infrastructure, voice, software and mobility services. He led a 2,100 government/ contractor organization that hosted over 800 applications, 11 world-wide Data Centers, and DISA’s MilCloud capability.

An enormous share of federal Information Technology (IT) contract dollars goes through Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (MA IDIQ) contracts, many of which are Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs). Suss Consulting’s capture and proposal consultants have helped our clients win seats at the table for billions of dollars in potential IDIQ money and hundreds of millions of dollars of actual task order award money. From acquisition strategy shaping, requirements analysis and contract proposal development through task order solution planning, teaming, price-to-win, and proposal management, writing, editing, and bidding, we offer a core team of seasoned support professionals to assist in the capture of these lucrative but fiercely competitive contracts and associated task orders. Some of the most successful IDIQs are pre-solicitation, in evaluation, or pending award.


GovWin ID: 220625
Value: $75+ B (Alliant 2) Term: 10 Years
Status: Solicitation 03/24 (Est)


Service Access and Delivery, Service Platform and Infrastructure, Component Framework, Service Interface and Integration, Customer Services, Process Automation, Business Management, Digital Asset Services, Business Analytical Services, Back Office Services, Support Services, DoD Information Enterprise Architecture (IEA) Mission Area Support, Controls and Oversight, Risk Management and Mitigation, Regulatory Development, Planning and Resource Allocation, IT Security, System and Network Controls, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Big Data Analytics


GovWin ID: 198353
Value: $15+ B (Alliant 2 SB)
Term: 10 Years
Status: Solicitation Active


Cloud Services; Cybersecurity; Data Management; Information and Communications Technologies; IT Operations and Maintenance; Software Development; System Design; IT Managed Services; Ancillary Support (Clerical Support; Data Entry; IT Products; Minor Construction, Alteration, And Repair to Real Property; Server Racks; Software Licenses; Subscriptions; Records Management Operations)


GovWin ID: 201043
Value: $60+ B (Oasis)
Term: 10 Years
Status: Solicitation Active


Management and Advisory (Management and Consulting Services That Can Improve a Federal Agency’s Performance, Its Endeavors To Meet Mission Goals, and Provide Operating Advice and Assistance on Administrative and Management Issues), Technical and Engineering (Specific Engineering, Geoscience, or Other Technical Professional Skills, Such as Those Performed by Engineers, Geologists, Geophysicists, and Technicians), Research and Development (Basic Research, Applied Research and Experimental Development), Intelligence Services (Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), Enterprise Solutions (Large-Dollar, Wide-Reaching, and Highly Complex in Scope), Environmental Services (Air and Water Quality, Climate Change, Asbestos Contamination, Remediation, Ecological Restoration, and Environmental Law), Facilities (Maintain and Operate Buildings, Paved Services, Utilities Infrastructure, and Real Property Assets and Equipment), Logistics (Planning and Designing, Implementing, or Operating Systems or Facilities for the Movement of Supplies, Equipment or People)


GovWin ID: 201788
Value: $20+ B (SEWP 5) Term: 10 Years
Status: Solicitation 03/24 (Est)


Computer Systems, Storage, Compute Facilities, Network Technology, Mobility and Communications, Software and Cloud Technology, Security Technology, Audio/Video Equipment, Product-Based Services, Network Services, IT Managed Services, Innovation Services, IT Service Management, Program Integration, Information and Data Analytics, Application Development, Cyber Security, Cloud, Digital Multimedia and Comms, Program Management, IT Operations and Maintenance, Help Desk, Database Services, Training


GovWin ID: 177161
Value: $50B
Term: 10 Years
Status: In Protest

IT Services for Biomedical Research, Health Sciences, and Healthcare; Chief Information Officer (CIO) Support; Digital Media; Outsourcing; IT Operations and Maintenance; Integration Services; Cyber Security; Digital Government and Cloud Services; Enterprise Resource Planning; Software Development


GovWin ID: 108089
Value: $10B
Term: 1 Yr. Base + 6 1 
            Yr. Options
Status: In Evaluation

DEPARTMENT OF STATE (DOS) EVOLVE IT Management Services (Portfolio Management, Cybersecurity and Compliance, Architecture), Cloud and Data Center Services (Data Access and Integration Program Management, Virtual Compute and Containers, Technology Lifecycle Management, Cloud Services), Application Development Services (System Management and Configuration Changes; Security and Contingency Planning, Preparation, and Operations; User Experience Design; Development; Testing; Release Management; Database, Mainframe, Middleware), Network and Telecommunication Services (Systems Design and Management, Domain Services, Data and Voice Networks, Radio Network Installation and Maintenance, Telecommunications, Tactical Operations and Field Support, Structured Cabling, Operations Center, LAN/WAN Services), Customer and End User Support Services (Help/Support Desk, Change Management and User Communications, Training, Technical Security Services, Mobile and Remote Access)


GovWin ID: 226635
Value: $60B
Term: 10 Years
Status: In Evaluation


Program Management, Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Planning Support; Systems/Software Engineering; Software Technology Demonstration and Transition; Test and Evaluation; Independent Verification and Validation; Enterprise Network; Enterprise Management Framework; Operations and Maintenance; Cybersecurity; Training; Information Technology Facilities

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